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Lone Wolf by MessyMarbles

The sepia color scheme is fun to look at here. Instantly the viewer gets a strong idea of the vision you had in mind. The furs lighting is also cool, it's what sells the idea of an overcast sky. The light hitting it isn't strong, and the direction is dissipated which makes an ambient light.

A few things to note technically. The focal point is in a weird spot. The eye is kind of drug to parts of the canvas without detail because of how the objects are composed. It's also hard to get a sense of what's going on in the environment to the right of the wolf, and at the top of the canvas. There's a sense of depth but it wasn't really pushed enough with contrast, or detailed enough and it kind of muds together. It kind of looks like a tree, but then it also looks like dirt being revealed in the snow.

Another tip for helping create a sense of depth is the snow. Adding smaller dots can create the illusion of distance, while as currently it looks like the snow is falling directly over the wolf. Final thing to note, the wolfs ears kind of replicate a roundness mostly due to how they are pointed. A good tip (I assume this was done digitally) is to draw the wolf on a new layer, and then erase away at the sides of the ears to make a better point. Often times the tablet's pressure can't create a point like traditional pencils can, and the beauty of digital is being able to erase specific things.

I know the criticism kind of outweighed the compliments but I wanted to make the critique helpful as possible. The mood was very apparent in this piece and definitely leans more on the good side then the bad :3
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